Welcome to Ace of Shades

Great Discounts on Glass Curtains, Awnings, Interior/Exterior Blinds, Security Shutters, Mosquito Screens and Scissor Gates, Windows and Doors for Residential and Commercial Properties.

We also do repairs and work with many management companies.

We pride ourselves on our Professional Service and Aftercare.

You can contact us via telephone:

+34 951 273 254 Mob: +34 671 73 22 04 (Tony)

Or email:


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2 Replies to “Welcome to Ace of Shades”

  1. Good afernoon,
    We are new owners in Calle Arbolete Navigolf 3, Bloque 2, Portal 5, Baja A, La Cala de Mijas.
    My neighbor has recommended you as a supporter of safety shutters and I hereby ask for an offer inclouding installation):
    Livingroom: 3420mm wide x 2400mm high
    Main bedroom: 2400mm Wide x 1400mm high
    Bedroom 1: 2000mm wide x 2400mm high
    Bedroom 2: 2200mm wide x 2400mm high
    (Color: dark brown)

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